Pump Chambers

Our line of diffuse reflector pump chambers also known as diffuse reflector laser cavities boast the highest efficiency and lead the market in medical and industrial applications.

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Configurations Available for all CW and Pulsed Solid-State Laser Media

Close-Coupled Diffuse Reflector Design for Highest Efficiency and Pump Uniformity

Radially Uniform Coolant Flow Reduces Aspheric Thermal Lensing in High Average Power Applications

Available with Synthetic Fused Silica and Fluorescent Converting Doped Glass Filter Tubes

Multi-Rod, Multi-Lamp Configurations

Constructed from Materials that are Compatible with High Purity Coolants

Standard, Custom, and OEM Configurations are Available

Click Here for important information about cooling for pump chambers and resonators.

Performance Data

View performance data of our pump chambers. See how our diffuse reflector laser cavities can benefit your application.

See some of our most popular models below

Size Description Drawing / Part Purchase
3X50 3 mm X 50 mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us
4X75 4 mm X 75mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us
5X75 5 mm X 75 mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us
6X75 6 mm X 75 mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us
6.35X75F5 6.35 mm X 75 mm with 5% Samarium doped filter tube Coming Soon Contact Us
4X100 4 mm X 100 mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us
5X100 5 mm X 100 mm Coming Soon Contact Us
6X100 6 mm X 100 mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us
4X125 4 mm X 125 mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us
5X125 5 mm X 125 mm Coming Soon Contact Us
6X125 6 mm X 125 mm .PDF.SLDPRT.STEP Contact Us

Or you can configure the Pump Chamber you require for your application.