Company Profile

MegaWatt Lasers was formed in the 1990’s to provide solid-state laser consulting, R&D, and manufacturing capabilities. MegaWatt Lasers has developed Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy technology under numerous supported R&D efforts. Our laboratory and manufacturing facilities are located in South Carolina, where application specific solid-state lasers are produced along with superior diffuse reflector pump chambers(pump cavities). At MegaWatt Lasers, we specialize in eye-safe laser technology.

MegaWatt Lasers manufactures best in class laser pump chambers for a variety of applications covering all solid-state wavelengths. Our pump chamber designs provide unsurpassed performance, reliability and leak integrity to meet the demanding needs of your laser system design. Through many years experience, we have optimized our pump chamber designs to provide features such as high efficiency diffuse reflectors and symmetric radial cooling. We maintain an inventory of standard pump chambers for immediate delivery, while modular design allows for cost effective custom solutions. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve performance and reduce the cost of your solid-state pump chamber requirements!

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Our Staff

We have a full-time staff of Physicists, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Laser Technicians. Our team brings decades of experience in the laser industry, and we can design, fabricate and test a variety of lasers, or components for almost any application.

ASR Certification Verfication

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